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Season 1 episode 4 titled "The Sister" of television series "Secrets and Lies" will be aired at 9.00 pm (EST) on Sunday, 15 March. Delving deeper into the mystery of who killed Tom, the ABC drama will uncover the truth about Natalie's (Indiana Evans) whereabouts at the time of his murder.

In episode 3 called "The Affair" of "Secrets and Lies", it was revealed that Natalie, Ben (Ryan Phillippe) and Christy's (KaDee Strickland) daughter, had a secret of her own: that she was pregnant. Unaware of his daughter's condition, Ben initially suspected that his wife Christy had an affair and that she was pregnant.

On realising that Natalie was pregnant, Ben, Abby (Belle Shouse), his younger daughter, and his friend Dave (Dan Fogler) went to a party that his elder daughter had sneaked into. There, he threatened a boy Natalie was kissing, to stay away from her, else he would kill him.

The video of the incident was circulated by teenagers at the party and reached Detective Cornell (Juliette Lewis), giving her another reason to suspect that Ben is a murderer. Cornell sought Dave's statement regarding the incident. However, when Ben went to Dave's room, he saw glitter all over his chest, like the one that was smeared on Natalie's, and her shoes were strewn on the floor. 

Although Dave tried to explain the situation, Ben got furious and asked him to leave his house; Cornell gladly agreed to give him a lift, in the hope of extracting evidence from him against Ben. A respective relationship between Dave and Natalie was also suggested when they were decorating the home with Christmas lights and the duo get playful with each other.

In episode 3, it was shown that Ben found that his flashlight, missing since Tom's murder, was put back in his garage, but had blood smeared on it. In episode 4, Cornell, who comes to collect a receipt for the flashlight to determine if it is the same model that was used to kill Tom, confirms that it indeed is.  

In the trailer for "The Sister", Ben is seen screaming at Cornell, "You're so focused on me, you're not looking for anyone else". He is possibly trying to convince her that although the flashlight models were the same, he did not use his flashlight to kill Tom.  

It becomes quite evident to Ben, especially after Scott has proved his innocence, that the only way to save himself is to find a new suspect. This is when Ben finds out that his daughter Natalie was not with Tom two days before his murder. In fact, she was supposed to be babysitting him.  Cornell is seen questioning Natalie on where she was before Tom was killed.

Natalie's revelations lead Ben to go snooping on his neighbours Dr. and Vanessa Richardson's house. He also finds out that their own son died under strange circumstances, and is convinced that they killed his illegitimate son too. More shocking "revelations that come to light about the seemingly well-intentioned couple that lead to a stunning outcome," reads the episode synopsis for "The Sister".

Watch out for season 1 episode 4 "The Sister" of "Secrets and Lies" in ABC on Sunday, 15 March at 9.00 pm (EST).