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"Attention America, 'The Big Bang Theory' is coming to an end," states a new teaser video announcing the cancellation of the comedy show's Monday episodes.

CBS' Thursday Night Football run has come to an end and "The Big Bang Theory" will now move to its original time slot on Thursday nights at 8 p.m. with the episode "The Misinterpretation Agitation."

Billy Bob Thornton will guest star in the episode and he is expected to essay the role of a doctor who falls for Penny after she tries to sell her pharmaceutical products to him, according to the Inquisitr.

As reported earlier, Penny uses her charm to succeed in her new job, and Thornton's character falls for her flirty ways and follows her back home to profess his love. But once he meets Amy and Bernadette, he takes a fancy to them as well.

Spoilers suggest that the episode will feature yet another confrontation between Penny and Leonard, who is unhappy that his fiancee flirts with doctors, and even hides her engagement ring. There is also the possibility of Sheldon becoming jealous of Thornton's character displaying his affection for Amy.

"One of Penny's clients who is a middle-aged Howard Wolowitz takes a shine to her and every woman he meets," the summary of the episode reads.

The boys will be charmed by the doctor as he is a celebrated urinary specialist who has treated  the likes of James Cameron and William Shatner. The doctor lures Sheldon and gang to his house by promising them an opportunity to play with his vast collection of science fiction related memorabilia. 

The episode will also introduce Jeanie, Howard's second cousin. The character will be essayed by Kara Luiz and she is expected to be Stuart's date to a party. Spoilers have it that Howard will not be too happy with the set up, as it was to Jeanie that he lost his virginity.

"Set your DVR's!!! My episode of #BigBangTheory airs on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 30TH at 8/7c on #CBS !!!" Luiz tweeted on 18 October.

"Had an awesome day working on #BigBangTheory! The cast and crew couldn't be nicer!" she wrote.