Sea Lion
Representational ImageReuters

A sea lion attacked a man on a fishing boat in San Diego's Mission Bay on Sunday, pulling him all the way to the bottom of the bay. 

The 62-year-old man survived the attack with lacerations as he swam back to the surface and was rescued by companions. 

The man was reportedly posing with a "trophy fish" on the boat, when the 300-pound sea lion jumped out of the water and grabbed the fish, pulling him over and dragging him underwater. 

"At 2:38 p.m. a man was on a boat at the Hyatt Mission Bay Marina when he was bitten by a sea lion and pulled into the water," San Diego Fire-Rescue spokesman Lee Swanson said, according to the Times of San Diego

The man, who has not been named, was dragged almost 20 feet underwater to the bottom of the bay. He was taken to the hospital for treatment.