Prominent Malayalam scriptwriter Alleppey Sheriff passed away on Wednesday, 2 December. He was 74.

Sheriff wrote the script, story and dialogues for more than 100 movies in Malayalam during the 1970s and 1980s.

He worked with popular filmmaker IV Sasi for many blockbusters during the 1980s. 

Some of his popular films include "Avalude Raavukal" (1978), "Eeta" (1978), "Ivide Kaattinu Sugandham" (1979),"Allauddinum Albhhutha Vilakkum" (1979), "Ezham Kadalinakkare" (1979), "Thirakkil Alpa Samayam" (1984), "Ithaa Innu Muthal" (1984), among many others.

He has also directed the films "Arohanam" (1980), "Asthamikkatha Pakalukal" (1981) and "Nazeema" (1983).

Born to Koprakada Hameed Bava and Raheema beevi in Alappuzha in 1940, Sheriff is survived by his wife Naseema and three children Sheffeez, Sharaz and Sherna.