[Massive spoilers for "Scream" Season 1 finale ahead]

After a crazy freshman season, "Scream" aired its Season 1 finale on Tuesday, 1 September, and finally revealed the masked killer -- Emma's (Willa Fitzgerald) long-lost sister Piper (Amelia Rose Blaire). The podcaster-turned-murderer was helped by Audrey (Bex Taylor-Klaus), a beloved character. However, as a huge group of fans expressed their awe for Season 1 finale, others predicted that we haven't seen all the killers as yet.

Understandably, Piper wanted to teach Maggie (Tracy Middendorf) a lesson for abandoning her and punish Emma for living the life she never had, but there are quite a few reasons that has led fans to this conclusion; the first being that it is hard to see Audrey as a mere puppet in Piper's hands. A masked person killed Piper -- who is also the killer -- just before she was about to reveal a huge twist in the plot to Emma.

Most people believe this to be Audrey as she could have done this to stop her BFF form learning that she was helping Piper all along. But, slasher movies have taught us that if you cross the line of murder once, it is too tempting to do it again.

Moreover, the question remains as to who dragged Will (Connor Weil) when Piper was down? The most common answer to that is Audrey. Meanwhile, a strong theory about Piper's revelation that the killer cut off, is that she has an accomplice. The propagators of this theory claim that Audrey is not a killer, in fact, she probably helped Piper because they are in a secret relationship.

"Scream" executive producer Jill Blotevogel revealed to EW that Audrey's character will be further explored in the coming season. "What we're going to explore with her is how much did she do in the past? Why did she do it? What is she going to do in the future? And is she going to be discovered?"

As speculations about the second killer gain momentum, one thing can be confirmed -- Piper is dead and she is will not return in Season 2 of "Scream".

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