Eddie Kaye Thomas as Toby Curtis and Jadyn Wong as Happy Quinn
Eddie Kaye Thomas as Toby Curtis and Jadyn Wong as Happy Quinn in CBS drama Scorpion.CBS / Scorpion

The third season of CBS' action-drama series "Scorpion" is all set to premiere this year and the show's executive producer, Nick Wootton, has promised the fans that the upcoming season will be significantly better than the previous one.

In an interview at San Diego Comic-Con 2016, Wootton revealed that Season 3 of "Scorpion" will have numerous action-packed and emotional elements. Besides, Wootton also revealed that one of the major plot-line of next season will include Happy's (portrayed by Jadyn Wong) marriage that had shocked the fans as well as the entire team.

Wootton explained that Season 2 finale left a major cliffhanger and they will have to do a lot of cleaning up and explaining the unanswered questions as the incident affected the lead characters significantly. He also teased that Toby (portrayed by Eddie Kaye Thomas) will have more deeper emotional moments that the second season.

After Happy's revelation of her being married in the second season, fans are eagerly looking forward to find out more about it and also, the identity of Happy's husband. Several speculations have stated that Happy's husband is someone whom the team knows of and that is one of the major reasons why Happy hadn't disclosed about it to anyone even though she had a strong connection with Toby for a long time.

Apart from it, Wootton has also said that the third season will emphasise on Walter's (portrayed by Elyes Gable) emotional journey and his struggles to move on with his life. In the meanwhile, Cabe (portrayed by Robert Patrick) will find a new love interest while Ralph (portrayed by Riley Smith) will assist a boy with autism to get back to his home after he was lost.

"Scorpion" Season 3 will air on Oct. 3 on CBS with a 2-hour special episode.