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Fans are eager to find out the fate of relationship between Paige (portrayed by Katharine McPhee) and Walter (portrayed by Elys Gables) in the upcoming season of CBS crime-drama series "Scorpion" and it seems that things won't be going well for the two.

Several recent rumours have stated that Paige and Walter will end their relationship in the third season and much to the disappointment of the fans, CBS has also announced that Season 3 won't have any time for love as the emphasis of next instalment will be mostly on the action and thrill.

As reported by Cross Map, the reason behind the charm of Paige-Walter romance was because the actors who are portraying them were dating each other in real life too. Since both of them have split, their on-screen characters might also end it. However, fans are still hopeful that Paige and Walter will remain friends in the show.

The latest spoilers have suggested that the next season will showcase the characters of the series dealing with their personal issues. According to Parent Herald, executive producer Nick Wootton has teased that the characters will have a lot of things in the store.

Wootton explained that instead of just emphasizing on the love life, "Scorpion" Season 3 will explore several other different yet interesting elements from each character's life in the upcoming episodes.

Besides the life and activities of Walter and his team, Season 3 will also have several new plot-lines that would involve US military's war troubles with the possible threats.

In the premiere episode titled "Civil War," Team Scorpion will be investigating the case of a heavy security breach done by an unknown group of hackers who are intending to take control of American warships and air-crafts.

"Scorpion" Season 3 is all set to air on Oct. 3 on CBS. The premiere episode will be two-hour long.