Eddie Kaye Thomas as Toby Curtis and Jadyn Wong as Happy Quinn
Eddie Kaye Thomas as Toby Curtis and Jadyn Wong as Happy Quinn in CBS drama Scorpion.CBS / Scorpion

Season 2 of CBS drama series "Scorpion" ended with several cliffhangers and fans are looking forward to watch the fate of the series' prominent actors in the upcoming Season 3.

In Season 2 finale titled "Toby or Not Toby," Toby finally gathered enough courage to propose to Happy for marrying him. However, much to his disappointment, Happy rejected his proposal saying that she was still married to someone else.

Afterwards, she quickly left the headquarters compelling fans to wonder who could be her husband and why she kept it a secret from Toby. According to several speculations, Season 3 will explore more of Happy's life and her husband might make an appearance too.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Eddie Kaye Thomas, who plays the role of Toby, talked about what might happen in Season 3 and his complicated relationship with Happy after the failed proposal.

"I'm excited for the season 3 premiere to see how the [fallout] of the season finale is played out amongst the team because what happened with Toby and Happy has big ramifications," Thomas said.

Thomas also hinted that the future episodes will be more action-packed compared to the previous ones. He explained that how some of the action scenes they did in the previous episodes were inspired by some of the iconic movies.

"The writers are just going to try and have us go to every corner of the globe and face every challenge possible. Think of your favourite action movies, and we'll do it. 'The Fort Knox' episode had some 'Indiana Jones' in it. 'The North Pole' had parts of 'The Revenant' in it. It's versions of all of our favourite movies!"

Loosely based on the life of self-proclaimed genius Walter O' Brien, "Scorpion" tells the story of a team of intellectuals who work discreetly to protect the country from modern day's digital threats.

The exact air date of "Scorpion" Season 3 is yet to be announced by the network. However, Christian Times has reported that the series will most probably return in September this year.