Episode 10 of Scorpion season 3 is titled This Is The Pits.CBS

The CBS romantic comedy action thriller series Scorpion has gone on a short hiatus following its big twist in episode 9, titled Mother Load. Episode 10 of season 3 is titled This Is The Pits and it will be aired on December 12.

The show concluded its ninth episode with an apology by Lea Thompson's character Veronica to her daughter Paige Dineen for being a terrible mother. It also featured a conversation between Walter O'Brien and the grandmother of Ralph, wherein the latter admitted to the former that he is the best partner for her daughter.

The big twist has made the love triangle between the female lead, Elyes Gabel's character and Tim Armstrong more complicated. A break up between the former Navy SEAL and Katharine McPhee's character could make Walter, Ralph and the rest of the team happy. But the question is - Will the male protagonist make an evil move with Veronica for a reunion with his former lover?

Cast member Katharine has already revealed that there will be a lot of conflict between the two males in Paige' life and she will be irritated by the team's interference in her personal matters. So it remains to be seen if the comedy thriller will feature a reunion of the onscreen couple in the upcoming episode.

Meanwhile, the official synopsis for Scorpion season 3 episode 10 indicates that there will be a verbal confrontation between Lea Thompson's character and her daughter. The reason for it is said to be a secret team up between Ralph and his maternal grandmother to troop cookie sales.

Check out the short summary for This Is The Pits below:

Walter must swim through the deadly La Brea Tar Pits when Team Scorpion helps a woman trapped in the tar before she runs out of oxygen. Also, without Paige's knowledge, her mother, Veronica "helps" Ralph maximise his troop cookie sales.