"Scorpion" will be back on CBS with an action-packed episode of Season 2 this Monday, 2 November, at 9pm. The episode, titled "Crazy Train", will focus not just on behavioural psychiatrist Tobias M Curtis aka Toby's (Eddie Kaye Thomas) first boxing match, but also the team's efforts to stop a sabotaged train.

The official synopsis of the episode reads: "Team Scorpion must stop a sabotaged runaway subway train with Paige Dineen (Katharine McPhee) and her son Ralph (Riley B Smith) on board. Also, in his attempt to impress Happy, Toby has his first boxing match."

CBS has released a set of trailers for "Scorpion" Season 2 Episode 7 online. While one of the videos focuses on Toby's boxing match, others feature Agent Cabe Gallo (Robert Patrick) and team trying all possible ways to stop the train.

Although Toby's boxing match is believed to be his new tactic to impress mechanical engineer Happy Quinn (Jadyn Wong), she can be seen nowhere in the clip. Meanwhile, the behavioural psychiatrist's decision to come up with a new plan at the last moment to win the match may turn things for the worse.

Just before the match, Paige is seen telling Thomas' character: "This was a mistake. Be careful." Even Walter O'Brien (Elyes Gabel) does not seem really impressed with his teammate's decision to step into the ring. So, it remains to be seen whether Toby manages to showcase his boxing skills to Happy or has another near-death experience.

Additionally, the episode will also feature Ray Spiewack (Kevin Weisman) in a vital role as Walter puts his life in danger to save Paige, Ralph and rest of the passengers on the sabotaged runaway subway train. In a sneak peek, Gabel's character is seen saying: "In 20 seconds I need to do something or I die."

While the promotional photos of the episode indicates that Team Scorpion managing to save all the passengers in the train, as it shows Walter and Paige standing on the track without any injury, McPhee's character is featured in an aggressive mood.

In order to findout what made Paige angry, CLICK HERE to watch "Scorpion" season 2 episode 7, titled "Crazy Train", live online on CBS this Monday, 2 November, at 9pm.

Here is a trailer of "Crazy Train", featuring Team Scorpion: