Extraterrestrial life had been a debatable topic for years now. Recently, a team of British researchers have identified some islands and mainland coastal regions that are most likely the places to be colonised by foreign species. Is it even possible to find alien life on Earth?

Researchers believe that these top three locations that have the highest numbers of established alien species and there is a possibility of alien life:

Hawaiian Islands

According to lead author Dr Wayne Dawson, from University of Durham, "Our research shows that islands and mainland coastal regions contain higher numbers of established alien plants and animals, and this may be because these areas have major points of entry like ports." Reportedly, the Hawaiian Islands had huge numbers of alien species.

New Zealand's North Island

In New Zealand, around half the established plant life of North Island is originated elsewhere.

New Zealand's North Island
New Zealand's North IslandPixabay

 "In general, regions that are wealthier and where human populations are denser also have more alien species, but these effects are stronger for islands... More work is needed to understand whether these effects arise because more species are introduced to hotspot regions, or because the human disturbance in these regions makes it easier for the newcomers to find vacant spaces and opportunities to thrive," Dr Wayne Dawson revealed.

 The Lesser Sunda Islands in Indonesia.

"While species have been moved around the globe throughout history, more and more species will be introduced as the world becomes ever more connected, and the human population continues to grow," Dr Dawson mentioned.

Bali, Indonesia
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 "Many of these incoming species are useful, and won't establish and spread in their new homes, but some will, with varying levels of impact on resident species and ecosystems."

The research is reported in the journal Nature Ecology & Evolution as cited by Mirror.