School Teacher becomes Professional Twerker, makes Millions with Her Videos Online
School Teacher becomes Professional Twerker, makes Millions with Her Videos OnlineFacebook/Jessica Vanessa

A 22-year-old teacher earns a sinful amount of money through her twerking videos, which have made her star on social media with over two million followers on Vine.

Jessica Vanessa works as a teaching assistant at a Florida kindergarten but after her job, she shakes her derriere online and makes money out of her videos.

The young woman gives stiff competition to popstar Miley Cyrus with her twerking and earned millions of followers on Vine. Her popularity has drawn the attention of big companies who are willing to put large amounts of money on her.

Daily Mail reports that these large companies have offered her money in exchange for a mention of their products in her videos. "It's quite simple really, the more followers you get, the more advertisers want to pay you for mentioning their products -- and I've got lots," she said.

She thanked her followers because of whom she has turned rich. Recently, she bought a car by paying the full amount at once and cleared her debts from the school she graduated.

Vanessa does not regret of quitting her job as a teacher as she makes more money through her twerking videos. "What I make in six seconds would take me four months to make as a teaching assistant," Vanessa told Barcroft TV.

Though many people objected to her work, but she made a career out of her dancing skill with the support of her family. "People like to define you as a whore for twerking but it's just a type of dance, that's it. If people were open-minded they would understand that," said the professional twerker.