A senior Congress leader recently posted a picture of his hand showing a scar and peeling of the skin caused by the stamp that was put on his hand at the Delhi Airport for the COVID pandemic.

The National Secretary and Spokesperson of the Indian National Congress Madhu Goud Yaskhi took to Twitter and tagged Hardeep Singh Puri, the civil aviation minister, and asked for his immediate intervention into the matter.

Picture posted by a Twitter user showing the reaction caused by stamping at the Delhi AirportTwitter

He wrote, "Dear @HardeepSPuri Ji, can you please look into the chemical being used at Delhi airport for stamping on passengers coming from abroad? Yesterday I was stamped at @DelhiAirport and this is how my hands look now."

The user posted on Twitter about the reaction that the stamp had on his hand and received several comments from other users. Hardeep Singh Puri also reacted to the comment saying, "Thank you for drawing my attention to this. I have spoken to CMD AAI."

Another user posted, "Sir, exactly the same happened to me and one of colleagues upon landing at Bhubaneswar airport in August."

Ink used for stamping is a standard indelible ink: Delhi Airport responds

The Delhi Airport while reacting to the comment stated, "We deeply regret the inconvenience caused. The ink used for stamping is a standard indelible ink. We've reported the issue to the Delhi State Authorities."

This is not the first time when such a thing has happened. A few months ago in Odisha, the government's decision had made it mandatory for all those returning to the state from outside to be stamped on the right inner forearm with indelible ink that left many people with burnt skin and rashes.

People had experienced severe skin burn and some even saw peeling of the skin after the square quarantine ink stamped on the back of their hands.

Even in Goa, there were many complaints of skin burn and allergic reactions following inward stamping at Patradevi checkpoint. However, when the matter was reported, the Goa Government confirmed the ink had been replaced.

Passengers who were crossing the border and entering the state were stamped with two different inks. One declared the date and the other was about sending them to quarantine. While the one which stamped the date had no effect; the other square quarantine ink stamp led to severe skin burn and peeling of the skin.