Olivia is committed to doing whatever it takes to prevent Fitz from being impeached, and if it involves letting Papa Pope out of prison, then she will do it without regrets.

Olivia and her father struck a deal that will see the latter blackmailing the senate judiciary committee, the body looking to impeach the President. According to a sneak peek of Thursday's episode, Abby finds out that Olivia has a hand in preventing Fitz's impeachment, and she confronts Olivia.

"How'd you do it? How the hell did you get that information to end the impeachment," she asks.

"I don't want to lie to you," Olivia responds. "Don't make me."

The synopsis hints that Fitz too might find out what Olivia did, and speculations are rife that his reaction could put an end to his romance with his girlfriend. It should be noted that Fitz kicked out Mellie from the White House after she unknowingly worked with Papa Pope in the previous season, and based on past experience, it doesn't look like Olivia will be treated kindly.

An Olivia-Fitz breakup will be shocking, considering that it hasn't been long since they got together.

"What's true on our show is what's true in life. That once you commit to a relationship, that's the beginning, not the end. And so it is an entirely new beginning for Fitz and Olivia to exist in a way they've never existed before," Kerry Washington, the actress who plays Olivia, told Stuff about her character's new equation with Fitz.

The official synopsis for the upcoming episode entitled "Even The Devil Deserves A Second Chance" reads:

While Fitz is focused on winning back the American people, he makes a shocking discovery. Meanwhile, OPA takes on a new client, but Olivia seems preoccupied keeping her own secrets, and Elizabeth North sets her sights on a new agenda on "Scandal."

 "Scandal" is aired Thursdays on ABC. Click here to watch the episode online.