Scandal is a television series that is based on real life events.Facebook/Scandal

Olivia and Abby, best friends-turned-enemies-turned-allies, have accepted the need to work together to defeat Hollis, but they might be aligning themselves with undesired people to further their goals.

The previous episode of "Scandal" focused on the efforts of the different Republican camps to get their opponents out of the race. And this week, their efforts will continue with Abby teaming up with Eli and Olivia striking a deal with Hollis.

A promo for Thursday's episode of "Scandal" shows Abby sitting in a car with Rowan, who holds up an envelope and says: "This will crush Mellie and give your gal a shot." In another scene Olivia is seen teaming up with Hollis, and he asks her if they've got a deal, to which she says that they do.

In yet another clip, Jake is seen threatening Presidential hopeful Edison Davis. Edison meets with Jake to tell him that he's not being considered for the post of Vice-President, and Jake proves that he's not one to take "No" for an answer.

 "You have no choice here. You know you have no choice but, yet, your brain can't compute it," Jake says. "I am your Vice President, and Eli and I will drag your tired [expletive] to the White House, and you will smile and wave, and wait for us to turn you on and off, and change your batteries."

"Scandal" airs Thursdays on ABC. The synopsis for the next two episodes, according to TVGuide, reads:

Trump Card: Though Olivia and Abby are at odds, they must team up in order to defeat Hollis. Elsewhere, Edison realizes that joining forces with a manipulative Rowan and Jake may have been a poor choice on his part

That's My Girl: In the fifth-season finale, running mates are selected by the presidential candidates. Meanwhile, Olivia gets into an alarming situation; and the election could be upended by harmful info given to Cyrus.