The penultimate episode of "Scandal" season 4 ended with the shocking revelation that Mellie is Foxtail, and in the final moments she was introduced to one of their biggest donors, Rowan Pope.

This means Rowan's next plan of action involves the first lady, and chances are he will make the President choose between Olivia and Mellie. In all likelihood, it will also result in the death of a main character.

Actor Guillermo Diaz earlier noted in an interview with People that the finale is going to devastate a lot of fans as it will have three or more deaths. The actor also added that he's very excited about what his character gets to do in the season finale.

"My first thought was how happy I was that Huck gets to do what he does in the finale. I can't believe what Shonda has him doing," he said about his first thought after reading the script.

The finale is going to be intense, and actress Kerry Washington recently expressed concern on how the story will move forward following the events of the finale.

"This finale episode, I mean, I just… I turned to Shonda [Rhimes]. I was like, 'Where do we go from here? Are you for real? Now what?' It's crazy," Washington said, according to Variety.

Speaking about the last two episodes of the season, actress Bellamy Young, who plays Mellie, noted that the penultimate episode will "move" viewers, but the finale is going to "gut you."

"I think you will be profoundly moved on Thursday night, but I think it's the finale that will gut you. And again, I just went to ADR and something has already changed. Something that happened now is not happening and so we had to change a line. So I genuinely … don't rely on what I'm saying! But from my experience of living it and shooting it, yeah, I'd say [tonight's episode] is gonna be amazing. It's a really beautiful episode. But the finale you're gonna need the summer to get over. I know I will," she told Vulture.

"Scandal" airs Thursdays on ABC.