The season finale of Shonda Rhimes' "Scandal" finally put an end to the B613 storyline, and from the look of things Papa Pope wouldn't be a threat in the next season.

The finale episode took a lot of twists and turns that saw Lizzie blabbering to Fitz that Mellie was in cahoots with Rowan, and that she was indirectly responsible for the jurors' death.

The unfortunate event unfolded when Mellie tried to keep a lid on the dirt Rowan has on her and Fitz. Although Mellie agreed to provided Papa Pope with the names of the panelists on the grand jury, she couldn't have foreseen that Rowan would kill all the jurors.

But why did Lizzie betray Mellie and blab to the President? "She was tired of getting kicked around. She was sick of being Mellie's dog, someone who fetches whatever she wants. It was payback time for Lizzie Bear. She had enough, so she made a big bold power move," actress Portia de Rossi told TVLine.

Fitz also discovers what Cyrus has been up to, and this resulted in him being evicted from the White House and Lizzie being appointed as the new Chief of Staff.

The episode ended on a high note for Olivia, who was prompted by Jake to be with the man she loved and who reciprocated her feelings. And the last scene had Olivia showing up on the White House balcony to reunite with the man she loved.

Sadly, not everyone is happy with the Olivia-Fitz reunion. Here are a few reactions from fans.