Season 4 of "Scandal" will come to an end on 14 May with the episode "You Can't Take Command", and speculations are rife that fans will be bidding adieu to more than one character in the finale.

The cast members have been teasing a shocking and dark finale, and Guillermo Diaz, who plays the role of Huck in the hit ABC series, recently hinted that there will be three more deaths. While it is not immediately known who all will lose their lives, chances are high that at least one will be a fan favourite character.

Showrunner Shonda Rhimes is known for killing off characters without any warning, and she shocked fans a few episodes back when Jake Ballard was shown as dead. However, the 23 April episode focused on keeping Ballard alive, and by the end of the episode he was on the mend.

But it wouldn't be a shock if Rhimes decided to do away with the character for good in the finale.

In the meantime, actress Kerry Washington spoke about the season finale during an interview with Variety, saying it's going to be a crazy ride.

"This finale episode, i mean, I just... I turned to Shonda. I was like, 'Where do we go from here? Are you for real? Now what?' It's crazy," Washington said.

Similar sentiments were echoed by Tom Verica, co-executive producer, who noted on his Twitter account that lives of some characters will be changed following the events that happen in the finale.

"Editing of the #ScandalFinale is in full force. Lives will be changed. (Characters, that is) #directorsPOV," his tweet read.

So who will bid adieu as the season comes to a close? According to fans' chatter on Twitter, bets are on Rowan, Jake and Russell.

The synopsis of the finale reads: "Everything comes to a head in the shocking season finale when Olivia and the team finally make some big moves to take down Command, and Mellie's fate is sealed as the election results are announced."

"Scandal" airs Thursdays on ABC.