Saxophone Day will be observed on Friday, 6 November, 2015. All you sax-crazy fans can celebrate the day with a good dose of smooth jazz, soulful blues and good old rock'n'roll.

All music lovers, especially blues, have always dreamt that they could play this instrument that creates such soulful melodies. So what if you can't play the instrument, we suggest you just sit back and enjoy those tunes.

On this day, we decided to draw a list of some of world's best saxophonists and some of the best saxophone songs that you can enjoy listening to.

Charlie Parker: It is said if not for Charlie Parker, jazz would have never been born. He is considered to be the first artist to hit the jazz scene and revolutionise it. Generations of saxophonists have grown up studying his compositions. Parker was behind introducing bebop and revolutionary harmonic ideas that introduced things like 9ths, 11ths, and 13ths of chords into jazz, utilized new chord substitutions and variants, and even helped pioneer the inclusion of classical and Latin influences into jazz.

Best known compositions: "The Complete Savoy & Dial Master Takes" , "Scrapple from the Apple"

Sonny Rollins: He is said to be the first true master of the hard bop sound and known primarily for his work in the field of post-bop. Rollins has one of the most distinctive voices in the genre. Rollins has been one of the most enduring players of the last 60 years. And now, he is the only member of this list who is still alive at the time of its writing. Even now, when he is in his 80s, Rollins' shows are breathtaking.

Best known compositions: "Our Man in Jazz", "The Freedom Suite"

John Coltrane: One of the artists who performs bebop, hard bop and free azz, Coltrane exploded beyond jazz entirely, performing marathon concerts filled with screaming solos of vein-popping intensity. One of his trademarks were lightning fast runs with hundreds of notes a minute, later known as "sheets of sound."

Best known compositions: "In a Sentimental Mood", "Crescent"

Coleman Hawkins: Popularly known as Hawk, but most of them called him a genius. He will always be remembered for making saxophone a dominant voice in jazz. He was an immensely talented soloist whose solo on "Body and Soul, rewrote the rules of how to play jazz.

Best known compositions: "Body and Soul" and "Picasso"

Sidney Bechet: He is undoubtedly one of the first jazz artists on the list and to have become famous playing the soprano saxophone. He was said to have a rich tone and sported a heavy vibrato that gave him a distinctive sound. Bechet is the first jazz artist who popularised the saxophone and his skills as a soloist cannot be denied.

Best known compositions: "Wild Cat Blues", "Kansas City Man Blues"

Other artists that you can listen to is Joe Henderson, Dexter Gordon, Grover Washington Jr, Stan Getz, Eric Dolphy, Albert Ayler and Sam Rivers.