Just when Dr Alex Reid (Erica Durance) seemed to be settled in her life with Dr Charles Harris (Michael Shanks) and baby Luke, a new challenge comes her way. The fourth episode of "Saving Hope" season 4 will introduce a person from her past.

The sequel, titled "Miss You", will focus on the protagonist's struggles in balancing her personal life and the professional one after a drug dealer with life or death stomach complication gets admitted. It is none other than Kyle Sawyer (Yani Gellman), the person responsible for her deceased brother's drug problem.

Durance's character tries to stay away from the surgery as she finds it difficult to be objective, but her destiny pools her into it. She will struggle to save the person's life when a second surgeon is required for the operation.

The junior resident of Hope Zion Hospital, Dr Cassie Williams (Kim Shaw), will also struggle to be objective while attending a horrific acid attack victim named Elizabeth Grant (Charlotte Sullivan). Although the young surgeon puts the life of her patient at risk, Dr. Dana Kinney (Wendy Crewson) will teach her to put aside her own feelings and focus on the medicine in order to save the patient's life.

The official synopsis of the upcoming sequel also states that Dr Zach Miller (Benjamin Ayres) will get a patient suffering from self-imposed psycho-paralysis to confront her past and regain the use of her legs.

CTV will air "Saving Hope" season 4 episode 4 "Miss You", at 9pm on 14 October.