Actor Arunpandian has turned producer for "Savaale Samaali" ("Saavale Samali"), which stars Ashok Selvan and Bindu Madhavi in the lead roles.

"Savaale Samaali" is a comedy film written and directed by Sathya Siva. Hero Ashok Selvan, who has impressed the audience in his three previous films ("Soodhu Kavvum", "Pizza 2: The Villa" and "Thegidi"), rejected over 40 scripts before giving a nod to this flick. 

After being a part of three successful films, he wanted to do a movie that would definitely live up to the audience's expectations. Finally, the script written by Sathya Siva impressed him.

The story of "Savaale Samaali" revolves around two TV anchors and their tactics to boost the TRPs of their channels.

"Savaale Samaali" has S Thaman's music, Shelvakumar's cinematography and Ahamed's editing. Nassar, MS Bhaskar, Oorvasi, Aishwarya, Karunas, Jagan, Manobala and others are also part of the cast.

Read audience's response to the film below:

Hari Sudhan Posted
#SavaaleSamaali expected a lot from @AshokSelvan , the movie is like seeing aditya TV , a bunch of tiny jokes put together.
#SavaaleSamaali movie kicks off... Into first 30 mins, a bunch of spinoffs put together.... Have to wait what's in store @igtamil

Kaushk LM Wrote
Jagan irundhum mokkaya irukke ba .. Very Apt title .. The film is the 'Savaal' that we have to 'Samaali' .. Same old love-comedy crap .
#SavaaleSamaali - The presence of experienced actors like Urvashi, Nassar, MS Baskar, Jagan is some sort of a solace. But rest total washout
#SavaaleSamaali - #BinduMadhavi looks so plastic and doesn't emote. No love chemistry with the hero. And the comedy falls flat mostly. AVOID
#SavaaleSamaali - The actual Savaal is to lift a TV channel's fortunes. The hero & his frnd stage a love reality show for this. Zoooo!!!

Haricharan Pudipeddi Wrote
It's a struggle to sit through #SavaaleSamaali because it's so bad. Forget the story, there are hardly any laugh-inducing moments.

Only Kollywood Tweeted
#SavaaleSamaali - Good motives, mediocre narrative

Sidhu Posted
#SavaaleSamaali: So-called laugh riot which cracks bad jokes and expects you to laugh at it. Few good moments, but that doesn't suffice.

Ramesh Wrote
#SavaaleSamaali [2.5/5]: Disappointed with Dir #SathyaSiva.. The #Kazhugu director is capable of more.. Hope he bounces back with his next..
#SavaaleSamaali [2.5/5]: Expected more from #BinduMadhavi.. #Urvashi and @manobalam provide good support.. @MusicThaman 's songs are OK!
#SavaaleSamaali [2.5/5]: @AshokSelvan is very sincere in his performance both in comedy and romantic track.. @JaganPurushott timing works..
#SavaaleSamaali [2.5/5]: An amateurish attempt on TV Channels reality programs with a romantic track.. Needs serious trimming in da 2nd half#SavaaleySamaaley - 1st Half : Jus 55 mins.. One track takes a dig at low TRP channels.. Another is romantic.. TV track is funny one..