Two Saudi women, who were seen being eve-teased by a group of men in a viral video, were reportedly questioned by the religious police of the country and let off after they were found "innocent".

A video had surfaced four months ago showing showed Saudi teenagers and young boys collectively harassing two women along a park in Jeddah's Corniche.

Saudi society had reacted with anger against the men for their actions after the video went viral. Many also had raised questions on why the women had gone to the park unaccompanied by a male family member?

Local reports now claim the police, after a four-month-long investigation, were finally able to capture three of the accused, according to "Saudi Gazette".

In total, seven men were taken into custody, but were let off after they were found "innocent".
The police also reportedly questioned the two women who were seen being harassed in the video.

In Saudi soceity, even women rape victims are cross-examined to ensure they did not break any of the laws related to Purdah.

A Saudi news report said the women were let off after their "innocence" was proved. As per Purdah laws, women in Saudi Arabia are not allowed to go in public without a male member of their family.

Three of the main accused now have been sentenced to a prison term of two-and-a-half months and 50 lashes.