Police in Saudi Arabia have seized 48,000 cans of Heineken beer, disguised as Pepsi cans, to be smuggled into the teetotaller Muslim country.

Since alcohol is banned in Saudi Arabia, smugglers often come up with innovative ways to bring the contraband into the country. 

According to a report published in Saudi news website, MBC.net, the truck was stopped at the Al Batha border crossing with the UAE.

The Saudi police while checking the truck grew suspicious and an officer peeled off the sticker to discover that it was actually Heineken beer. The officers then seized the entire  48,000 cans of Heineken beer.

Despite there being strict-rules on consuming, producing, trading and smuggling of alcohol in Saudi Arabia, the smugglers still find new ways to smuggle the illegal product into the country.

In September, the Saudi customs arrested a man after he tried to smuggle in 12 bottles of whiskey hidden inside special pockets stitched into his trousers, which he then covered with thawb ( a traditional long white robe worn in Saudi Arabia by men), Daily Mail had reported.

Similarly in April, the Saudi customs officials has seized more than 19,000 bottles of alcohol hidden among tomato paste and small rice bags, according to Al Arabiya.