An opinion piece published in a prominent Saudi Arabian newspaper compared US Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump to the Islamic State (Isis).

The Saudi Gazette, the Jeddah-based leading English language newspaper that was the first daily in the nation to appoint a woman as its Editor-in-chief, on Monday, published an OpEd titled "Thank You Donald Trump". In the article, it said that "Trump" was the reflection of the "insecurities" of the white population of America, similar to Isis (also known as Daesh) -- which plays on the fears of Sunnis.

The Republican front-runner in the US presidential race, Donald Trump, was "hitting on the insecurities and anxieties of the white population of America which feels very threatened by the coming challenges of the new pending demographics," the daily said.

The Saudi newspaper, with reference to the anti-Muslim statements of Trump, said that his supporters are worried about the rise of minority communities such as Hispanics, Latinos and the African-American, and hence, belive that they have found a voice of representation.

"It is really very interesting to count how many 'Trumps' are out there in the world today; Trumps which are in every country, every religion and every culture."

The daily then argues that Trump and Isis are the brand names of the same problem -- "intolerance" -- and that is the main problem that the world should address.

Trump in recent months has made a series of anti-Muslim statements, drawing widespread criticism. He made his most racially-charged statement, which came following the San Bernardino attacks, when he called for a "total and complete shutdown" of the country's borders to Muslims.

According to Reuters, despite Trump's controversial demand for ban on Muslims, support for the Republican front-runner has only grown and his campaign has been receiving more donations.