Women-Only City
Saudi Arabia is drawing up plans to build a women-only city in an attempt to bolster the Middle Eastern country's female workforce. REUTERS/Caren Firouz

A man in Saudi Arabia was executed on Thursday for torturing and strangling his wife to death, according to Saudi Gazette.

Majed Abdulrahman Saleh Obeid, was convicted for strangling his wife Noorah Muhammad Saad Al-Qabili to death after allegedly torturing her for a long time, the Interior Ministry said in a statement repoorted by the Saudi Press Agency.

On Thursday, Saleh Obeid was executed in Saudi Arabia's capital Riyadh.

The Interior Ministry in its statement said that Saleh Obeid kicked his wife, beat her with a cane and a wrench, and banged her head on the floor before killing her, Daily Mail reported.

Before killing her he also burned Noorah with cigarettes and a hot iron, Saudi Gazette reported.

Initially, Obeid tried to cover up his crime but he finally confessed following his arrest and police interrogation. He admitted of imprisoning Noorah, taking her to a remote area in the desert to beat her and burn different parts of her body with cigarettes butts.

Before announcing the sentence, the General Court observed that none of the mentioned acts of torture was accidental. 

"The man had no consideration for his wife as a human being and he did not care for her life. All his actions were intentional and premeditated. This proved that he was an evil doer and a threat to society," the court said.

The Court of Appeals and the Supreme Court upheld the General Court verdict. Thus a royal order was passed to carry out the execution.