A Pakistani bus driver and his accomplice have been arrested by the Saudi religious police after they raped a university student and filmed the act on their mobile phones. 

The student was returning home on her university bus when the driver took the vehicle to an isolated place, and along with his accomplice, raped the young girl.

Local Saudi daily reports said that the men filmed the entire act on their mobile phones and later threatened to leak her pictures, if she brought the matter to the police.

According to Ajel newspaper, the girl, did not file a complaint with the police initially fearing a scandal, but then decided to approach the Saudi religious police.

The Saudi religious police – the Commission for Promoting Virtue and Preventing Vice – tracked down the two Pakistanis and found that they had the video and pictures on their mobile phones. 

"The two were arrested on charges of raping a girl and threatening her after finding her pictures in their mobile phones," the police said. 

Saudi Arabia has no law that criminalises rape.

Even though, as per Sharia, the punishment imposed by a court on the rapist may range from flogging to execution, in Saudi Arabia, a victim also could be punished, if she is found to have violated the purdah.

The last known case, in which the rapists were punished harshly, was in 2010, when Saudi Arabia beheaded two Pakistani men for barging into a house and raping a woman.

( source: Emirates 24/7)