Rowan Atkinson
British actor Rowan Atkinson (front), dressed as his popular television character Mr. Bean, dances with Chinese performers during the filming of a promotional video in Shanghai August 20, 2014.REUTERS/Stringer

A face so funny and expressions so out-of-the-world, an artist has been compelled to replace the famous face of Leonardo Da Vinci's Mona Lisa with it! Rowan Atkinson was on the news just last month after American artist photo shopped his face onto classic paintings.

Now imagine if someone was lucky enough to be a doppelganger of the famous face. A life with a face like that sounds fun for sure.

Ibrahim Sulaiman Suwailem from Turkey, who works at a Lebanese restaurant in Jeddah is subjected to loads of attention and smiles, thanks to his striking resemblance to the very famous Mr Bean. 

Suwailem, who has been working at the restaurant for the last 22 years is certainly a big asset to his hotel as customers apparently don't leave without a picture with the British Comedian lookalike. Suwailem is reportedly known to the restaurant customers as Mr. Bean.

"Everybody wants to take a photo with me, whether they are children or adults," Suwailem was quoted as saying by Yahoo News. "My photo is now on various social networks," he added.

Suwailem further revealed that it isn't much of a hassle too look like a celebrity after all. Rather it only brings him joy to see smiles on the faces of restaurant goers.

"I am very happy with my work here bringing smiles on faces," he reportedly told Arab News.

He further said that he is way too attached to Saudi Arabia to consider returning to Turkey adding that many people get drawn to the restaurant during Eid to take pictures with him.

"I really look forward to meeting them and feel happy to see their happiness," he said according the report.