Seven Saudi Arabia Nationals Faces 5-10Yr Jail Time for Motivating Rebellion on Facebook
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In probably the first-of-its-kind lawsuit, residents of a district in Saudi Arabia's Tabuk region have filed a lawsuit against an electric pole. 

Residents of the Al-Muqaitie District in Tabuk in northwestern Saudi Arabia have filed a lawsuit against an electric pole that has reportedly caused several road accidents due to its location, Saudi Gazette reported citing local news. 

As per the report, a municipal official himself advised the residents to go ahead with a lawsuit against the electric pole, so as to get the court to pass an order for its demolition.

The official reportedly egged the residents to file the lawsuit by claiming that they will not have to bear the expense of removing the electric pole if the court order is passed, as it would then be binding on the government. 

The electric pole is reportedly located close to two schools in the area, and is said to cause traffic chaos during rush hours. 

The author of the article in Saudi Gazette's Local Viewpoint, which translates news from Arabic media, called the official's advice and the residents decision to file a lawsuit against an electric pole 'naive'.