Over 1,000 Asian pilgrims were evacuated early on Thursday morning from a hotel in the Saudi city of Mecca, after a fire broke out on the eighth floor of the building, Saudi Civil Defence announced on Twitter.

According to the civil defence agency, at least 1,028 Asian pilgrims were evacuated from the hotel located in Makkah's Al-Azizia district.

At least two pilgrims were injured in the fire. They were rescued by the firefighters, the Saudi civil defence said in a statement.

Saudi officials have not yet given the exact nationality of the pilgrims, nor has explained the cause of fire.

Over 3.1 million Muslim faithfuls are expected to arrive in Mecca for the annual Haj pilgrimage. In recent months, there has been a spat of untoward incidents.

On 11 September, 115 people, including several from Asia were killed after a massive crane collapsed on top of the Grand Mosque. In July, five people were injured after a fire broke out on the roof of Grand Mosque.