An obese Saudi man has been on a mission to lose a lot of body weight from the last three years after his prospective father-in-law refused to give him permission to wed as he found him "too fat".

The man weighed 145 kgs when he approached the girl's father. But his future father-in-law wanted him to weigh only 90 kgs.

The prospective groom says that even after three years of hard-work, he has been able to lose just 25 kgs. "For the last three years, I have been working hard to lose my weight," the man told Saudi daily Makkah, Gulf News reported.

The man recently again visited the girl's family, who are also his neighbours. "I went back to the family, and the father said that he was not happy with my 120 kilos. He insisted I lose 30 kilos more and explained to me that the date of the marriage would be decided as soon as I weighed 90 kilos," Gulf News quoted him as saying.

According to a 2014 report, 70 per cent of Saudis are obese. The study published in the Arab News found that seven out of 10 Saudis suffered from obesity. It also revealed that KSA spent SR500 million per year on obesity-related problems.