A newly-wed Kuwaiti divorced his Saudi wife after their first night as he found it "rude" that she told him what to do in the bed.

The groom apparently could not take it when his "bold" wife showed him what to do on their honeymoon night, in Saudi Arabia.

On their first night, the woman thought that the man looked confused when the couple were in the bed together and did not know what to do, according to a Emirates 24/7 report.

"She calmed him down and guided him. On the next day, the groom divorced his wife ....on the grounds [that] she is bold and rude," Saudi daily Sada reported.

After announcing "talaq", the Kuwaiti groom reportedly took the next flight back to Kuwait.

The bride's family is now planning to sue the groom for "defaming" their daughter, the report said.

In Arab culture, a man can divorce his wife simply by saying 'I divorce you' three times (talaq, talaq, talaq). He can also rescind the divorce if it was done in the heat of the moment, but only if the wife agrees, but it can be more than thrice in a lifetime.