An Indian and two Bangladeshi nationals were killed in Saudi Arabia's Jazan province that came under attack by Yemen's Houthi rebels on Friday. 

The Houthi rebels launched a shell attack from Yemen in Saudi Arabia's southern Jazan province early on Friday, and several shells fell on a residential compound of mostly expatriate workers, killing three people and injuring nearly 30 others, the Saudi Gazette reported.

Panayappilli Farouq, who hailed from Kerala's Ernakulam district, was killed in the Houthi attack.

At least two other Indians were injured in the attack, spokesperson for the Indian Ministry of External Affairs Vikas Swarup said on Twitter. 

An Indian from Bihar and another from Delhi were among those injured, the Saudi agency reported.

About 25 expatriates and four Saudis were injured in the shelling and were taken to nearby hospitals.

Several Indians were killed last week after they were caught in the crossfire between Saudi forces and the Houthis rebels. Saudi planes bombed a Yemeni port on 8 September, killing at least 7 Indians. 

Saudi Arabia has led a coalition airstrike against the Shiite Houthis in Yemen, who have been trying to wrest control from the government, and the rebels often retaliate with attacks across the border. 

Saudi Arabia has accused Iran of aiding the Houthis, who are Shias, in their efforts to seize power in Yemen.