Lion attack in Saudi Arabia
A screengrab from the Youtube video that shows a lion attacking a boy.

A young boy was attacked by a lion during a film shoot in Saudi Arabia, according to local media reports. 

A lion was on the sets during a shooting in a deserted area in Saudi Arabia, when it suddenly attacked a boy, who is reportedly the son of famous Saudi poet Ziad Ibn Naheet, according to Emirates 24/7

The boy was luckily saved from being killed as the lion was brought under control by its trainer, according to the report. 

Videos showing the chilling incident were uploaded on Youtube on Tuesday, in which the huge lion is seen pouncing on the young boy and trying to grab his neck.

"Suddenly the lion jumped on the son, Nayef, who tried to flee. The boy could have been killed by the lion if its trainer did not jump and restrain it on time," Emirates 24/7 News cited a quote from local newspaper 'Sada'.

It is, however, not clear when the incident took place and in which part of Saudi Arabia.