In a bizarre incident that has shocked many citizens in Saudi Arabia, a 70-year-old man married a much younger woman who is also the sister of his son's second wife. 

What was more weird about the incident is that the elderly man had actually gone to the house of the two sisters in order to call off his son's wedding with one of the women, but instead ended up marrying the bride's 30-year-old sister, Saudi media reported.

The 70-year-old Saudi had gone to the sisters' house in Al Qunfudha city to call of his son's wedding after protests from his wife and daughter-in-law against the son taking a second wife, a report in Gulf News said. 

However, when the man realised the bride-to-be had a sister who was divorced, he offered to marry her, and the woman's father agreed. 

It is not clear when the wedding took place. 

The incident caused outrage on social media after it was reported in local Saudi media. 

Many criticised the man for ignoring the huge age gap of 40 years between him and his wife, while others flayed him for marrying a second time even though his wife was still alive. 

Women in Saudi Arabia are said to have little rights and are forced to heed to the instructions of the men in the family.