Bollywood actor Satyajeet Dubey is set to appear in a different avatar in his upcoming movie, "Kerry on Kutton." Scheduled to be released on July 1, the Ashok Yadav directorial is about a small town guy, who has one need — to get laid.

The trailer has already given a glimpse of the movie and it seems it will be a rollercoaster ride as it has all the elements like comedy, romance and drama. In an exclusive interview with International Business Times India, Satyajeet talked about her character in the film and also, about what roles he wishes to play in the future.

Here are some edited excerpts from the interview:

International Business Times: Tell us about your character in "Kerry on Kutton." How was the experience working in this film?

Satyajeet: I'm playing a guy called Kerry who comes from a lower class family of a small town called Ballia, he's like any other guy you'll find in the chowk chauraha, galli nukkad of a small town. He's an uncouth, utterly blunt guy who's driven by his raw energy and all he wants to do is to get laid. He's been through a tough childhood and that somewhere has hardened him and has turned him into this rebel who doesn't give a damn about the world. He shares a troubled relationship with his father who's not even sure whether Kerry is his son or not and that leads to more inner conflict, identity crisis for Kerry. But no matter what, this guy says it's my way or the highway and just wants to have a fun time.
Being Kerry and being a part of "Kerry on Kutton," it has been the best experience for me so far as an actor. I got to play a guy who is poles apart from me. Right from his nuances to the dialect, his body language, his psyche and obviously the way he looks, a lot of work went in creating Kerry. And Ashok is a wonderful director to work with, once he knows that his actors know his job he'll leave everything up to him, he gave me the liberty to bring something more and allow, give space to my interpretations. I had a wonderful time. The entire team was on the same page and our one-point agenda was to make a movie that we'll always be proud of.

IBT: What is that one thing that attracted you the most in the script?

Satyajeet: The rustic, raw and rooted essence of the storytelling really attracted. During my first narration with Ashok I could imagine the kind of town, world, people he wants to bring to life and I wanted to be a part of that vision and plus I was getting to play this fantastic character which needed a lot of work, where I can show my range as actor. The dialogues were kickass. It just all fell into place and my instincts told me just dive into it and I did so.

IBT: What expectations do you have from this movie?

Satyajeet: This is a film which has no references from any movies made in the past and this is truly out of the box in every possible way. I believe the audience will be surprised to see the film because of the style of storytelling and the twisted characters. And I genuinely feel that people will love "Kerry on Kutton." It will excite them, surprise them. Make them laugh and make them numb. It's quirky and blunt.

IBT: Salman Khan's "Sultan," which is releasing the next weekend after your film releases, carries a good hype. Do you think Salman's film will affect your film at the box office?

Satyajeet: I think if people really like "Kerry on Kutton," then it will survive the next week and if they dismiss it then it won't. It's pretty simple.

IBT: Fans have seen you in a chocolate boy image in "Always Kabhi" but in "Kerry on Kutton" you play a completely different role. What kind of response have you received on your role in "Kerry on Kutton"?

Satyajeet: The film hasn't released yet so I don't know about the response but the reaction to the trailer has been phenomenal, unexpected. People were shocked to see me as Kerry, in fact it was hard for them to believe that this guy can pull of such a badass, uncouth character as well. And I believe there has to be no image for an actor, I want to keep doing parts where I don't have to be me and always flesh out something different.

IBT: Recently "Udta Punjab" courted controversy for abusive language used in the film. Do you think "Kerry on Kutton" will be spared by the censor board?

Satyajeet: "Kerry on Kutton" hasn't faced any such issues yet. We're going ahead with an "A" certificate and we've got it from the board I believe. "Udta Punjab" is a fantastic film and when you make a film that is based in heartlands of India and dealing with real stuff obviously your characters have to speak the language that actually people use in their day-to-day lives. So I don't see much fuss here. And that's how "Kerry on Kutton" has been made. No pretence at all.

IBT: What kind of roles you wish to do in future? Do you have any role model?

Satyajeet: I'd like to keep doing different characters, where you get to do, feel, experience and be something that you're not and have never come across may be. There has to be a challenge every time you do something and then master that zone. I'd love to move people, make them feel something with my work and if I succeed to do so I'll be the happiest.
I love history, so I would love to do a historical character someday if I get an opportunity.
There are such fine actors around the world and every time I see a great performance, I'm inspired. Honestly I have no role models now. I'm creating my own path and walking on that.

IBT: What are your upcoming projects?

Satyajeet: Nothing as of now.