Cassini Saturn rings
NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute

A section of conspiracy theorists strongly believes that aliens who live in outer space are sending messages to humans to reveal their existence the way we are sending messages into space. 

Scott C Waring, one among the believers, has recently claimed that Saturn's rings are sending radio signals to humans and that these messages from the ringed planet might be the handiwork of aliens.

To substantiate his theory, Scott C Waring connected the abnormal sounds or songs from Saturn rings to the previously transmitted sounds by comet P67. It may be noted that Comet P67 has been transmitting such songs since its discovery in 1969 and this has compelled the European Space Agency (ESA) to send a probe to the space body in 2014 and it landed on the celestial body in 2016.

However, the ESA did not publish many of the photos taken by the probe from the comet. Waring believes that the ESA is intentionally covering up the alien proof the probe discovered on P67.

"Once the probe got there, what it found is unknown since the ESA only published a few dozens of the thousands of photos it took. Why? Unknown? Probably hiding alien structures, since the comet itself looks like an alien face on a round head, with neck and shoulders," said Waring in his website UFO Sightings Daily.

In the same manner, Saturn has also been sending strange sounds all the time. After analyzing the eerie sounds recorded by NASA's Cassini spacecraft, Waring made it clear that the ring surrounding Saturn is acting as a device which sends and receive signals constantly. Waring also predicted that humans will one day decipher these messages using advanced artificial intelligence.

"Saturn has been transmitting such songs, 24/7 like comet P67. However, it seems that the rings of Saturn are an amplifier of sorts, sending the signals out into the cosmos. I believe that the rings are transmitting and receiving signals constantly, so deciphering them will be impossible, since separating just one from the thousands happening at once would be a job for AI, not for humans," wrote Waring.

The views of Scott C Waring was later shared by YouTube conspiracy theory channel 'UFOmania'. The video which was shared a day ago and has received more than 3,600 views on YouTube, and viewers were quick to speculate what is happening in the mysterious Saturn rings.

"Always had a feeling that the r was something strange about those rings. Weapon or a signal booster? Nothing natural. Have to wait n see. Powers that b know," commented Slick Rick, a YouTube user.

It remains to be seen whether Waring's observations trigger another controversy now.