Sharan with Sanchita Padukone and Bhavana in Sathya Harishchandra
Sharan with Sanchita Padukone and Bhavana in Sathya Harishchandra.PR Handout

Ratings: 3
Sharan promises to deliver one element in common in all his movies — comedy.

One does not expect him to do a variety of roles, and his films often work like stress-busters despite the content coming under criticism for lack of freshness.

His latest movie Sathya Harishchandra is no different.

Sathya Harishchandra, which is a remake of the Punjabi film Singh vs Kaur, is about a man who is a pathological or compulsive liar.

He has has his own reasons behind this behaviour, and the lies cause a lot of problems to people in his village.

He is given one last chance to stop this habit, and what happens in the next 30 days is the actual story of the flick.

In short, one lie leads to a chain of lies, but he overcomes them. How he manages to do this is the best part of Sathya Harishchandra.

Sharan has shown signs of improvement with each movie. Since his debut in Rambo as a hero, the comedian-turned-hero is maturing as an actor by working hard on his dancing and acting abilities.

Sharan impresses with his overall performance in Sathya Harishchandra as well. Both Sanchita Shetty and Bhavana are charming, while Chikkanna and Sadhu Kokila are at their usual best.

Arjun Janya has churned out a few good songs and Faizal Ali's cinematography is good.

Director Dayal Padmanabhan has adapted the story to the nativity of Karnataka from Punjab. His dialogues are top notch.

On the flip side, the screenplay is infused with too many unwanted scenes that spoil overall quality of the film. The originality factor and sharp editing are missing here. 

Imperfections apart, Sathya Harishchandra is still an enjoyable outing.