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A baby's body was recently stolen from a cemetery in Argentina, leaving the bereaved parents in a state of shock. The parents of one-year-old Ciro Aranda discovered that the remains of their dead son had been stolen from a cemetery storage room on Christmas Eve following the infant's death on December 10.

According to a Daily Mail report, "The parents' lawyer claims to have evidence pointing to a satanic cult in the small town of Otamendi, situated about 25 miles from the city of Miramar, in the Buenos Aires Province of Argentina."

The parents of the boy who died of pneumonia agreed to store their son's remains in a small locked room on the grounds as the cemetery did not have any available niches. They agreed to keep it there until new spaces become available in the summer.

Alberto Aranda and his wife Mara went to visit their son Ciro's coffin to place flowers when the discovered that the remains are missing.

Dr Ana Maria Caro, the leading prosecutor in charge of finding the body, initially said that the authorities were searching local farms and surrounding countryside and that the operation was going on.

However, after several residents broke their silence, the prosecutor said: "There is a known satanic sect that operates in the Otamendi area and carries out rituals. We hope that our searches will bring results very soon."

This not the first case in Argentina, in fact, this disturbing case is reported just weeks after police arrested a cotton producer who was allegedly behind the sexual abuse and dismemberment of an 11-year-old boy.