Mohit Sehgal
Mohit SehgalMohit Sehgal/Twitter

Here's some sad news for Mohit Sehgal's fans. Mohit's stint in Rashmi Sharma's "Sarojini" will come to an end.

According to a report in India Forums, Mohit's character Somendra will meet with an accident in the upcoming episodes of "Sarojini." This will mark the end of his character, after which the show will take a three-month leap.

"The show will soon take a 3 months leap in its upcoming episodes and meanwhile Somendra (Mohit Sehgal) will meet with an accident and this will mark the exit of Somendra's character from the show. Mohit will shoot his last for the show, day after tomorrow, [sic]" a source told the web-portal.

However, surprisingly, Mohit was unaware of his exit from the show until recently. Miffed with the makers, the popular actor said it was highly unprofessional on their part to have not informed him about the change in the track. Mohit took to Twitter to share a picture of him on the last day of his shoot. "Taking some lovely memories along. Last day on set SAROJINI [sic]," Mohit tweeted.

"They didn't inform me earlier about it and I think this is very unprofessional on their part. They should have atleast had a courtesy to inform me about it much before. I really didn't expect this from them because I have always been very professional with hem from my end. I still haven't been informed officially about it; I have got to know about it from outside, [sic]" Mohit said.

"I am really okay even if they are giving me an exit from the show - I believe that something good will come my way. The only thing that I am feeling bad about is that they should inform me about it much before. This is very unprofessional of them. The creative team is not even answering my calls. I wish all the best to the people who are associated with the show, [sic]" Mohit added.

In other news, Mohit married his "Miley Jab Hum Tum" co-star Sanaya Irani in January 2016. The lavish beach wedding in Goa was attended by the couple's close friends and family.