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In a hilarious skit on Wednesday night, talk show host Jimmy Fallon and former GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin took a shot at Russian President Vladimir Putin, his invasion of Ukraine and the NSA’s spying program.

Introducing the skit, Fallon tells the audience that Putin made a surprising phone call to someone after he recently spoke to U.S. President Barack Obama about the situation in Ukraine.

“If you’ve been following the news, you know that a few days ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin called President Obama to discuss the situation in Ukraine,” Fallon said.

“And not many people know this, but right after he talked to Obama, Putin made another phone call, this time to someone who actually predicated his invasion of Ukraine, back in 2008.”

Palin, who has been the subject of many spoofs, appears on the screen soon after the introduction and in the course of her conversation with Putin, the duo plays Pharrell Williams’ latest song “Happy.”

When they touch upon the topic of bear hunting, Putin says he prefers hand-to-hand combat.

“You shoot bear? I prefer hand-to-hand combat. Well, I come from strong genes. President Obama, he come from mom genes.”

During the course of their conversation, both Palin and Putin hear breathing at the other end of the line, and this forces them to conclude that the NSA is eavesdropping on their conversation.

Towards the end of their chat, Putin wonders if he should invade Alaska, to which Palin responds: “I wouldn't if I were you, Vlad. You may be able to take down a bear, but you're no match for a Mama Grizzly.”

Although Mama Grizzly is a term Palin coined to refer to herself, she later applied it to female candidates she supported in the 2010 U.S. midterm elections.

Ahead of the show’s telecast on Wednesday, Palin hinted about her encounter with Putin tweeting, “Got to deliver some straight talk to our neighbor, the tyrant across the Bering Strait.”

Palin’s appearance on the show has garnered a lot of appreciation from fans who has commended her ability to laugh at herself.

“Sarah can do what Libs can't.......laugh at herself. That's why they hate her so much. Great Skit...” a supporter wrote on her official Facebook page.

“Hilarious!!! Sarah, as a Ukrainian, just wanted to thank you for making fun of Vlad Putin!!! It wouldn't happen on your watch, for sure!” another message by Svitlana Pavlenko, a supporter, read.

(Edited by Vanilla Sharma)