"He is crushing it in the polls", said former Alaska governor and one-time vice-presidential hopeful Sarah Palin, as she introduced Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump during an interview on Friday.

The short "On Point with Sarah Palin" interview saw the two politicians showcase mutual admiration and aversion to the Obama administration and their idea of America, all under 11 minutes.

The video begins with a brief monologue by Trump, in which he says: "I don't like what I see happening to America. The infrastructure of our country is a laughing stock all over the world. Our airports, our bridges, our roadways.. it's falling apart."

His voice is juxtaposed with images of businesses putting up the 'CLOSED' signs, an unemployed man sitting on a bench and, of course, a visual of a bridge 'falling apart'.

The businessman also stokes the controversial issue--immigration--stating that "millions of people are flowing across our southern border. We have got to build a real wall!". The visuals to this line show people running across what is meant to look like a border and scaling a wall.

"Our country has tremendous potential. Let's make America great again," Trump concludes the introductory montage before the interview begins.

Here are some of the best lines from the Donald Trump interview -

Sarah Palin: "Since the day he made the sacrifice to hit the campaign trail, voters crave the anti-status quo politician. They want results. They need some one to fire the political correct police."

This is the movement of the "Trumpeters" or "Trumpservatives".

Everything about Trump's campaign is avant-garde. He is crushing it in the polls"

[On America's Economy]

Sarah Palin: The turbulent global economy leads to daily volatility here and that affects the working class. And I know that's where your heart is. How is our economy really doing, especially reacting to world markets?

Donald Trump: The economy has been terrible. We have 93 million people out of work. They look for jobs, they give up, and all of a sudden. Statistically, they are considered employed.

We have lost tremendous amounts of jobs to China, Japan and Mexico. They have destroyed our job base.

Sarah Palin:

I don't think we are getting the truth out of the White House on the true state of the economy.

Donald Trump:

The White House is not truthful.

[On America's Tax Code]

Sarah Palin: "Our current tax code is a joke. Share what you mean by 'fixing our screwed up tax code'.

Donald Trump: We have a complex tax code that nobody understands. People can't figure it out, and they have to spend tremendous amounts of money on lawyers and accountants.

We have to simplify our tax code.

We have hedge fund guys paying no tax and making a fortune. It is unfair to the middle class.  

I say - Simplification. The easiest way, on a temporary basis - is simplification of the code. Reduce taxes.

[On Veterans]

Sarah Palin: Hearing from so many military personnel, it's lately been all about you. There is a connection there.

The respect that they have for a 'Truth Talker', as opposed to getting punched in the nose for the last seven years under Obama. How is it that you made that connection?

Donald Trump: You have that connection also.

One of the reasons I have liked you so much is that you have the great connection.

You look at what's happening with the vets (veterans), they are being treated like third-class citizens. 

If I win, believe me, the vets will be taken care of. They did a poll recently, and I am very popular with the vets". 

[On the Press]

Sarah Palin: You are seeing some idiots in the press and they are misrepresenting your exchange, like with Univision's Jorge Ramos. You scold that radical activist, it was the right thing to do. 

Where do you get the guts for that kind of 'necessary confrontation'?"

Donald Trump: The press was very good to me on that one. He was totally out of line. He was screaming and ranting and raving.

I am suing Univision for $500 million. His (Ramos's) daughter works for Hillary Clinton, and he was trying to put on a show.

Sarah Palin: You are pretty gracious when it comes to treating the press, the way that they are not going to treat us Conservatives.

You get hit with the 'gotchas', for instance, them asking 'what's your favourite Bible verse'. Do they ask Hillary that?

Donald Trump: "I love the Bible. I am a Protestant, a Presbyterian. They were hitting me with questions, they said 'what's my favourite verse'. It's a very personal thing.

I love the Bible. It's my first favourite book. In the last poll, I won big with the evangelicals and big with the Tea Party.

Sarah Palin:

As Tea Party advocates, we have a libertarian streak within us. 

What is next? We know you are going to keep rolling down the trail.

Donald Trump: I am. I am having a lot of fun. We have tremendous support. We are bringing back the 'silent majority', the tremendous group of people who want to see the country be great again. 

I have to tell you, you are a terrific person (to Sarah Palin).

Sarah Palin:

Get out there and let the people know what is it you stand for and what your intentions are for the country".