Sara Arfeen Khan
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On the occasion of Teacher's Day, celebrities all around are extending greetings to their mentors and how they have made a positive impact on their life. Jamai Raja actress, Sara Arfeen Khan feels her husband has played the role of a teacher in her life. Sara shared her Teacher's day message thanked her husband for being there for her.

'Give and you shall receive'

Speaking of her best teacher, Sara Arfeen Khan reveals that all the good things that she has learnt has come from her husband. For Sara, her husband is not just her guide but also a mentor. Speaking of her husband, Arfeen, who is a life and business coach, Sara said, "I have learned a lot from him but one most important value that I have learned is 'contribution'. He taught me the value of giving. Give and you shall receive!"

She further added, "He says if we focus on our needs, our wants, only our dreams, our desires, our success, our fame; we will always be incomplete & not truly happy. But if we focus on others, contributing to their lives, making a difference in the lives of other people, helping & supporting, we will automatically feel a sense of fulfilment & experience true happiness. This important lesson is the first thing I want to teach my babies."

Apart from her acting prowess, Sara is also known for her philanthropic work. During the lockdown, Sara joined hands with her mother's NGO to make face masks and donate the money to the elderly. "I am trying to encourage everyone to raise funds for my mums NGO, 'Grow Younger'.

Along with the special Independence Day masks, we have also made a lot of fashion masks. The masks are being made by our work-men who too need work during these challenging times," Sara had written on her social media page. The couple, who are parents to twin babies, Aizah and Zidane, tied the knot in 2009.