Sans FOrgetica
The new font will help people remember important things by slowing down the reading process.RMIT

A group of specialists have built up a font which can help you to remember things. The new font is named Sans Forgetica which is quite apt to its name.

Stephen Banham, a speaker in typography at RMIT who helped in the creation of the font, said that the San Forgetica font was indeed an excellent font to talk about on the radio because it was composed on a very conceptual in nature.

"Sans Forgetica is a typeface that's been specifically designed with features in it such as back-slanting and little gaps inside the letters," Banham said.

The surprising components of the font urge the reader to take more notice, he stated, activating memory because of the exertion required to process the content.

Sans Forgetica slows down the whole process of reading, he stated, demanding that the reader's mind went through the circles and verticals of the broken letters.

Basically, Sans Forgetica does its job by making readers work even harder, and working harder helps what they're reading stick in their mind, Banham clarified.

"This font is one of those rare products of research from both psychology and design, and it's not very often that two kind of work together," he said. "So, this is a very interesting piece of research," he added.

He also stated on a cheeky note that the font, similar to blue-veined cheese, is best in when it's served in small measurements, and may not fair well for works with a large volume of text.

"Sans Forgetica is not a typeface that's meant to be used for typesetting an entire novel or a book.

"It is specifically designed for very, very small highlights — and it'll be all the more powerful, the more constrained its usage "

The font will be useful for those who really want to memorize certain things, for instance, critical answers in quizzes. It can even help people remember a particular name or address in a foreign land, which may otherwise be unusually hard to memorize.

"In terms of study notes, where there's just a very small sentence or a particular quote that you might want to use, this may help you remember that," he said.