Sanju Mattu Naanu
Sanju Mattu Naanu.PR Handout

Colors Kannada's finite series Sanju Mattu Naanu will hit a high point this Week. The viewers are aware of Sanjana's equation with troublemaker Pratham and about Bhuvan, a man with a good heart. Now, one more character is set to make an entry to the main story in the form of Karthik.

Who is Karthik?
Flashback shows Karthik was madly in love with Sanjana during the college days. Now, he spends most of his time reliving the memories and continues to have the same feeling towards her. Although he does hold a grudge against Pratham or Bhuvan, he wants to eliminate them because of her.

He feels that Sanjana is being troubled by them. His love for Sanjana comes with no strings attached.

Will Sanjana find out who Karthik is in the 5th Episode?
Karthik and Sanjana finally meet face-to-face, but she fails to recognise him. As they start the conversation, they become aware of how they may be connected through family ties and long-forgotten friendship.

Sanjana enjoys the company of Karthik and she has once embraced Karthik in the dark! He smartly plays on her ignorance about the situation.

A backstory as to why she does not recognise Karthik awaits the audience in the upcoming episodes and why Karthik will never give up has a reason. 

Sanju Mattu Naanu
Sanju Mattu Naanu.PR Handout

Watch the 5th episode on June 10 at 9 pm for the interesting twist in the story on Colors Kannada.

The concept of Sanju Mattu Naanu took birth from the equation of Pratham, Bhuvan and Sanjana, who were part of Bigg Boss 4. "The genesis of Sanju Mattu Naanu was formed in our reality show, Bigg Boss. Going by the popularity that Pratham, Bhuvan and Sanjana gained in the show, we decided to extend their chemistry in the form of a fiction show," Parameshwara Gundkal, the business head of Colors Kannada, told in the press release.