Sanjjanaa has suffered a wardrobe malfunction. Pictured: The actress walking a ramp as a showstopper.Sanjjanaa Galrani

South actress Sanjjjanaa Galrani, who was earlier known as Sanjana, suffered a wardrobe malfunction at a press meet. The actress had her "oops moment" at the press meet of her forthcoming Kannada movie "Just Aakasmika."

Sanjjanaa flashed her underwear at the promotional event of her forthcoming Kannada movie "Just Aakasmika." During an interaction with the media, the actress accidentally displayed her underwear without realising that her unpleasant moment was being captured on camera.

Apparently, the actress, who wore a short dress, later realised what had happened and quickly recovered from the embarrassing situation. While people on social media feel that she might have done this intentionally to garner publicity for her film, many believe that it could be an accident like many celebrities suffer at public and private events. Coincidentally, the title, "Just Akasmika," means just by chance in English.

Talking about the film, the actress said that "Just Akasmika" is a film that revolves around her character named Charu, an emotional girl, who goes to any extent to win her love. Her life changes forever when she falls in love and the chain of coincidences that follow form the crux of the story.

Sanjjanaa has claimed that she has shed a lot of weight for her role in the flick and hopes that the audience will like the upcoming movie, which will release on Friday, Sep. 16. 

"Just Akashmika" stars Sanjjanaa Galrani and Thilak, who had succesfully paired up in "Ganda Hendathi," a decade ago. Vinod Patil has an important role and Ramesh Bhat, Mukhyamantri Chandru, Sachin Suvarna, and many others are in the supporting cast.

The upcoming movie is written and directed by Himayath Khan and Mohammed Haseeb has handled the cinematography.