Sanjjanaa (Sanjana)
Sanjjanaa (Sanjana).PR Handout

Sanjjanaa Galrani, who has been the centre of controversy after a nude video of her from Dandupalya 2 was leaked online, has criticised media for misreporting the entire issue. 

Speaking to The News Minute, Sanjjanaa has said that the media declared the clip to be nude without any verification. "The scene was shot with sensitivity. The computer graphics have gone horrendously wrong. We're still trying to figure out who has done this whole act, who has leaked it, who made copies of it...but the media just flagged it as a nude shot! How could they do that without any substantial proof!" the website quotes her as saying.

According to her, the actress wore a towel and she was not completely nude. Sanjjanaa had also released a picture to prove her claims after the controversy broke out.

Now, Sanjjanaa says that the media did not realise that the scene was shot using computer graphics and it went out reporting that she had gone nude for the scene in Dandupalya 2.

"It was shot very comfortably with clothes. I agree that it's a very sensitive scene but if a scene like this is required for the character I play, as an artist, it's very important for me to do justice to it," the actress further says.

The actress is unhappy as many of the journalists, who reported the incident, know her well and share a good rapport. Yet, they reported without any proof.

In the controversial clip, her clothes are torn and she is physically tortured by a police officer. The video was not part of the film following the censor board's direction, but it was leaked online. The makers are clueless about who is behind the leak, but the actress has clarified that her body parts were covered with a towel and she was not actually naked.