Sandalwood smuggler Veerappan was killed by the Tamil Nadu Special Task Force headed by K Vijay Kumar on 18 October, 2004. But now, he is back as the "brand ambassodor" of an international cosmetics company!

Don't be mistaken. UK-based perfume brand Lush Cosmetics has launched "Smuggler Soul" perfumes, made using Indian sandalwood and oil, and the notorious poacher's caricature on its bottle.

"Smugglers Soul is deep, dangerous and intoxicating. Join us on our journey to the roots of sandalwood and let it enrapture your heart. With two types of sandalwood oil, enjoy a warm, woody and rich fragrance that can soothe and uplift even the darkest of moods," said the Lush website.

A 10-ml pack of the "intoxicant and dangerous" perfume costs Â£18.00.

The company also has moustache wax with Veerapan's caricature on the labels.

"Add a daring and debonair twist to your facial hair with our vegan moustache wax. Packed with loads of nourishing waxes and oils including rose wax and sandalwood oil, this wax will make whiskery kisses all the more memorable," writes the company about Veerappan moustache wax.

A 0.3-Oz pack of Veerappan moustache wax costs $16.95.

Meanwhile, an online petition titled "Tell LUSH Cosmetics: Don't Glorify Elephant Poaching!" has been signed by more than 68,000 people for glorifying the notorious brigand

The UK company also has a perfume named "Sikkim Girls", which is said to be a warm and exotic floral scent with the veiled allure of jasmine.

Lush is a 20 year-old company that has more than 900 stores in the UK and 48 countries.