Photo by Tamara Gore on Unsplash

On Monday, Sushmitha the Kannada playback singer committed suicide at her mother's place. The singer was found hanging from the ceiling of her room. In her suicide note, the singer alleged that dowry harassment by her husband and his family were the cause of her taking the grave step.

The 26-year-old singer had lent her voice to movies including, Sri Sramanya and Halutappa. Sushmitha hailed from Mandya. While a police case has been registered by the bereaved family, the action is yet to be taken on the matter.

Sushmitha's parents open up about dowry allegations

While the shock of their daughter's death yet wears off, parents of the young singer donated her eyes, in a gesture of humanity. Speaking to the media, her mother said that when she married her daughter, she had given her 150 grams of gold, which her husband had sold to build a house, following which he was forcing her to leave the house. 

While the family is grieving, soon after the singer committed suicide, a fight broke out between the two families in front of Victoria Hospital according to reports. 

Sushmitha leaf a chilling message for mother

On Monday Sushmitha was found dead in Bengaluru, by her brother at 5:30 AM in the morning. At 1 am the singer had sent her mother a message, but the latter's phone was switched off. The message read:

Amma, please forgive me. Sharath (Kumar) used to torture me after listening to his mother Geetha. I have suffered for my own mistake. My in-laws Geetha, Vaidehi and Sharath are responsible for my death. They should be punished for making me take this extreme step... If I spoke a word they would tell me to get out of the house. Sharath was so stubborn, he never listened to me. I do not want to die in my husband's house. If they are not be punished, my soul will not rest. Please bury or cremate my body in our native KR Pete and let my brother Sachin conduct the last rites. Amma, do not feel (bad) for me. Take care of Sachin who will be with you.