Sanah Moidutty
Sanah MoiduttyPR Handout

Singer Sanah Moidutty, who is known for her versions of popular songs on digital platforms, recently did a mash up of Sonu Nigam's timeless hits like 'Kal ho naa ho', 'In lamhon ke daman mein' and 'Abhi mujhme kahin'.

Sonu is someone that Sanah has grown up listening to and she idolises the singer. That was the main reason she came out with the mash up. The tracks are Sanah's favourite songs from over the years and the mash up has come out beautifully.

Interestingly, after listening to the track Sonu Nigam also appreciated her work and took to Facebook to express his feelings "How awesome Sanah Moidutty..not just touched but awestruck with your awesome you have become and what expressions you have put into a song....god bless you...and keep it up...A bright future ahead (sic)" said sonu on his Facebook post.

Commenting on the same, Sanah says " Sonuji has been one of my biggest inspirations. I remember watching him perform live for the first time and having tears in my eyes. These classics are a part of my system. And I always wanted to do a rendition of one of his songs. One day I just sat and made a list of all my favorite songs by him. And I picked these three. That's how this rendition happened."

"I really hadn't seen that coming. When I saw that Sonuji had shared it on Facebook with such encouraging words,I couldn't believe it. I felt so happy. It really means a lot to me to have him hear my rendition and say good things about it, because honestly I was nervous to attempt these songs. I feel really motivated by his appreciation." Sanah added.