Hall H completely set for comic con 2015
Hall H all set for comic con 2015.Facebook/Comic Con international

San Diego Comic Con 2015 kicked off on Wednesday night, with a special premiere of four shows that will start airing on their respective channels in the coming season.

"Lucifer", "Containment", "Supergirl" and "Blindspot" were screened as part of the premiere night at SDCC, and unlike the initial negative response, "Supergirl" was received well by the Comic Con community. CBS' eagerly anticipated series is said to get better with time, although the leaked pilot was kind of shunned by the online community.

Here are some of the great responses "Supergirl" received after Comic Con premiere:

Comic Con-goers are also raving about "Lucifer", which will be premiered on Fox soon:

The other two series, "Containment" and "Blindspot", also managed to intrigue the fans:

Things can only get better from here, and the upcoming events are expected to be a great follow-up to Wednesday's madness.

To find the complete SDCC schedule for Thursday, 9 July, visit Comic-Con.org, and visit Room 9 to get some DC Collectibles. Nerd HQ and IGN will be live streaming their panels, while Marvel will live stream all their events from the San Diego Comic Con 2015.